VAM Solutions (Pty) Ltd – Company Profile

VAM Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a “Hands on” Management Company that employs specialised GPS/GPRS Tracking equipment and customised software, to assist Municipalities to reduce Expenditure across various Budgets, that are directly or indirectly, affected by the manner in which their Municipal Fleet is operated.


VAM Solutions has been created with a view to empowering female and black entrepreneurs in what has been predominantly a white male environment. 100% of VAM Company shares are owned by women of which 15% are Black owned. It is our intention to increase the black female quota as the company grows. 


VAM is based in the Eastern Cape with its Head Office and Control Room located in Port Elizabeth.


VAM Senior Management all originate from Fleet Management companies and have between them over 20 years experience working with Municipalities to reduce expenditure.