Fuel expenditure is one of the biggest challenges that face municipal management.


Bank Card and other accounting systems are often abused due to the delay in the receiving of information of fills by the customer. Fuel is often drawn for items that are not neccessarily the recognized vehicle as stipulated on the card and have been used instead for Auxiliary use, other vehicles, or additional fuel draws.

VAM Live Fuel Management

Accountability and Good Governance means

being in the “Know”.


Know your fuel fills are being monitored and watched

“Live” as they happen.


Know without any doubt which vehicle is being filled

“Live” as it happens.


Know without any doubt which driver is filling the vehicle

“Live” as it happens.


Know without any doubt the Odometer, Litres, Rands and fuel type being filled

“Live” as it happens.


Know without any doubt who is taking fuel for which Auxiliary items

“Live” as it happens.

All the above "Knows" are attended to with a personal touch by your own designated controller. You are notified immediately via sms, e-mail and even by phone should your controller believe an issue to be serious enough.

Fuel usage and costs by vehicle and Department for current and previous month.


Year to date Annual Reports in-line with your Financial Year, detailing mileage travelled, fuel used in Litres and Rands, Maintenance costs, Operating Costs per kilometer, all per vehicle and by department.


Year to date Annual Reports in-line with your Financial Year, detailing fuel drawn from all fuel sites be they in-house fuel tanks or private garage forecourts by vehicle and department.

Allow us the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how VAM Solutions will impact on your existing budgets, and the degree of reduction in Expenditure you can expect

The VAM Live Fuel Management System ensures you will receive Monthly Management Reports detailing:-


Should you wish for a greater control of your fleet, we would suggest you visit the section titled VAM Total Municipal Solution. This will greatly assist with further reducing the fuel expenditure as well as the reducing of expenditure in other fleet related areas of your budget, by employing even greater accountability and good governance.


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